Through the eyes of a kid, beauty is simple.Through eyes of society,beauty is complicated.The way society seems to define beauty for women is; you need to be thin,your need to be blemish free, your boobs and butt need to be big yet proportional,your hair needs to be impeccable,and any imperfections need to be hidden.There is beauty in almost everyone and everything. It doesn’t necessarily have to be physical,but what’s on the inside of a person and how they treat others. But honestly, does everyone with a model like figure and a pretty Barbie doll face have to be the definition of beauty? But what if all that makeup washed away? Would you be society’s idea of beauty then? Maybe not,but you would be my idea of beauty, your lovers,your bestfriends,and so on. Real beauty comes from the way you eyes light up when you talk about something you love, how much you’re into a book you love to read,or how you look when you really smile. Beautiful person notices the beauty in someone else as well as them selves. Showing generosity to others,even to those that mistreat is a beautiful thing. Showing love to others take courage and sometimes strength when the person is not treating you how you should be treated. Being kind hearted and helping others who are less fortunate than you shows your beauty as well. Giving your will to help whether it’s saying something nice or doing something nice also displays your beauty. Havering a personality that makes every one love you is beautiful. People will turn their heads more of then rather then their hearts. Everyone has something different and unique about themselves, and that’s what makes them beautiful.